The Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing

Published: 13th November 2006
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The Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is one of the newest forms of advertising used today by big and small corporations throughout the world. Although this form of marketing is becoming more and more popular with each passing year, there are always pros and cons to each successful business and strategy. There have been many failures and successes in regards to new theories and techniques. These pros and cons are important to remember and take into consideration before you and your company test out SMS marketing for higher levels of success in your business.


SMS marketing is the newest style of technology for companies to brand and advertise their products and services to millions of people via mobile phones. On average in the United States today almost every person over the age of 11years old owns their own mobile phone of some kind. This means that versus using the over used internet styles of marketing you and your company will be able to reach an even wider audience with less competition in the advertising market.

The results that are emerging from this form of advertising are amazing! Companies are experiencing conversions like that have never seen from any other source of advertising. The short message service market is open for big and medium companies to take advantage of and now is the time!


Just with any other style of advertising there always come certain cons that may sway a company's decision. The number one con that is always associated with SMS marketing is the complete invasion of privacy towards the mobile phone user. These text messages break through their mobile phone security and many people find this to be a very disrespectful act on behalf of these companies. Although there are many people who take advantage of these unsolicited advertisements, there are just as many people who are outraged by this form of invasion.

SMS marketing has its advantages and disadvantages just like any other style of advertising, what any company needs to do is decide which is greater for your purpose. Each company must decide which way to go in essence and move forward with their plans. However, many companies find that the cons are not nearly bad enough to outweigh the pros, allowing them to continue with this brand new form of advertising.

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